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Yaaqov ben Yitsḥaq Ashkenazi

Rabbi Yaaqov ben Yitsḥaq Ashkenazi (1550–1625), of Janów (near Lublin, Poland), was the author of the Tsenah uR'enah, a Yiddish-language prose work written around the 1590s whose structure parallels the weekly portions of the Pentateuch and Haftorahs used in Shabbat services.


Teḥinah upon tearing off the pitom of the etrog on Hoshana Rabbah, from the Tsenah Ur’enah (1622)

Contributed on: 06 Oct 2023 by Unknown Author(s) | Morris M. Faierstein (translation) | Yaaqov ben Yitsḥaq Ashkenazi |

This is Dr. Morris Faierstein’s transcription and translation of one of the earliest teḥinot from the earliest surviving edition of the Tsenah u-Re’enah (Basel/Hanau 1622) as found in his article “The Earliest Published Yiddish Tehinnot (1590–1609)” in Hebrew Union College Annual, 2020, Vol. 91 (2020). The transcription of the Yiddish sourcetext is found on page 206 and the English translation is found on page 187. The translation is shared under the libre Open Access license (Creative Commons Attribution) provided for the critical translation of the text in Ze’enah U-Re’enah: A Critical Translation into English (Volume 96 in the series Studia Judaica, ed. Morris M. Faierstein; De Gruyter 2017). . . .

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