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Ya'qub Ibn Yusuf

Ya'qub Ibn Yusuf is the proprietor of Olam Qatan bookstore in South Jerusalem. A really wonderful story of his personal journey can be found on youtube, here.


מוֹדה אֲנִי | Returning the body to the soul: an adaptation of Modeh Ani by Moshe ibn Makhir

Contributed on: 10 Feb 2013 by Aharon N. Varady (translation) | Ya'qub Ibn Yusuf | Mosheh ben Yehudah ibn Makhir |

Modeh Ani first appeared as an addendum in Seder ha-Yom (1599) by Moshe ibn Makhir of Safed. A slightly different formula offers a deep insight into who and what has returned to one’s self upon waking. . . .

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