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David Bueno de Mesquita

Rabbi David Bueno de Mesquita, B.A., trained by Moses Gaster, was a senior hazzan of the Bevis Marks Congregation. Unfortunately, we know little else. If you know more, please contact us.

📖 סדר התפלות ליום כפור (מנהג הספרדים)‏ | Seder haTefilot l’Yom Kippur, edited and revised by Moses Gaster (1904, amended 1934)

Contributed on: 29 Jan 2020 by Aharon N. Varady (editing/transcription) | David Bueno de Mesquita | Moses Gaster | David de Aaron de Sola (translation) |

A bilingual Hebrew-English maḥzor for Yom Kippur, nusaḥ sefarad, with a translation for Rabbi David de Aaron de Sola, revised and edited by Moses Gaster, amended by Rabbi David Bueno de Mesquita. . . .

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