Shim'on Menachem

Shimon Menachem, a/k/a "Shimonides" is a writer and educator living in St. Louis, Missouri.


תהלים כג | Psalms 23, translation by Shim’on Menachem, melody by Shir Yaakov

Contributed on: י״ד בסיון ה׳תשע״ה (2015-06-01) by Shim'on Menachem | Shir Yaakov Feinstein-Feit | David haMelekh ben Yishai (traditional attribution) |

Listen to a recording of Psalm 23 chanted to an Indian-inspired melody. . . .

מַעֲרִיב עֲרָבִים | Who Brings the Evenings, translated by Shim’on Menachem

Contributed on: ה׳ בתשרי ה׳תשע״ד (2013-09-08) by Shim'on Menachem | Unknown Author(s) |

Forgiveness is woven into the pattern of existence. God of second chances, pathways of atonement. Help us awaken to Your listening presence, your understanding. Fill our hearts with Divine compassion! . . .

תהלים קכ״ו | Shir Hama’alot :: Psalms 126, a poetic translation by Shim’on Menachem

Contributed on: י״ד בסיון ה׳תשע״ה (2015-05-31) by Shim'on Menachem |

This Psalm is straightforwardly post-exilic (for which see Sefer haWiki) but switches in its narrative perspective between before and after the return from Babylon, between gratitude and longing for return, helped by the profoundly non-linear mechanics of verbal tense and aspect in biblical Hebrew. The Psalmist chooses words associated with joy (s’ḥoq, rinah) that are tinged with other, more complicated emotions. Here’s what came out. . . .

Meditation on the Akeidah in the Birkot haShaḥar, by Shim’on Menachem

Contributed on: י״ח באדר א׳ ה׳תשע״ד (2014-02-17) by Shim'on Menachem |

I had an opening, with the help and support of some holy chevrei, to take on Binding of Isaac and accompanying meditations that occupy a conspicuous space during the morning blessings. This is what came out. . . .