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Yehudis Fishman

I have been teaching Torah and Chassidic writings for over forty years to students of all ages and backgrounds, both on the East Coast and the Midwest. I have been a director of several Jewish organizations in Santa Fe and Colorado. My articles and poetry on a wide variety of Jewish topics have been printed in many publications, and also are available online.


כוונה בהדלקת נר חנוכּה | Kavvanah for the Mitsvah of Kindling the Ḥanukkah Lights by Rebbe Tsvi Elimelekh Spira of Dinov (trans. Moreh Yehudis Fishman)

Contributed on: 08 Dec 2012 by Yehudis Fishman | צבי אלימלך שפירא |

For the purpose of the unification of the Holy One and His divine (feminine) Presence, with trepidation and love and love and trepidation, to unify the name Yud-Kay with Vav-Kay (the four letters of the Tetragrammaton) with a complete unity in the name of all Israel, behold I intend in the lighting of the Hanukkah candle to fulfill the command of my Creator as our wise men of blessed memory have commanded us to repair her root in a supernal abode. . . .

Prayer for the Interment of Sacred Writing in a Genizah, by Morah Yehudis Fishman

Contributed on: 01 Dec 2013 by Yehudis Fishman |

My bones whisper that your pages and your inks will return to the trees and the plants from where they once came. They say that someday they will even come back to life with words never yet heard. . . .

Soliloquy of Yehudis, by Morah Yehudis Fishman

Contributed on: 29 Nov 2020 by Yehudis Fishman |

A soliloquy in the voice of Judith. . . .

תפילה הנשיא | Yehi Ratson for the first twelve days of the month of Nisan, by Rabbi Yosef Yaakov Sabatka of Dubno (ca. late 17th c.)

Contributed on: 13 Apr 2024 by Yehudis Fishman | Yosef Yosḳe of Dubno |

During the first twelve days of Nissan, there is a custom to read the portions about the twelve tribal princes who brought offerings and gifts to the holy Sanctuary. Miraculously without consulting with each other, they each brought the same gifts, but with different intentions. When we read these offerings followed by this prayer, our souls can connect to these tribes, even though we may not descend from these tribes directly (genealogically-speaking). . . .