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Andrew Meit

Andrew Meit has studied and researched in various areas: the imagination, Martin Buber, Judaism, prophets and prophecy, and Ephraim Moses Lilien. In 1984, Meit earned a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies with minors in Mathematics and Philosophy from Stetson University. As a lifelong creative, he is a type and graphics designer focusing on Jewish art and repairing digitally damaged art. Meit is legally deaf-blind, and has several learning problems stemming from contracting congenital Rubella. He is active in the Independent Living Movement; been on several CIL boards. Throughout his life Meit has striven to turn his disabilities into well-made art that inspires and celebrates beauty and truth. Off and on for 40 years, Meit has been involved in interfaith services and study groups. He has informally lectured on Buber. He enjoys writing prayers and creating worship presentations. Although mainly self-taught in calligraphy, drawing and design, Meit formally studied at the Cleveland Art Institute. With the font editor Fontographer, he recreated the well known font GoodCity Modern (a faithful recreation of the Gutenberg’s bible typeface). Over the decades, he produced a digital recreation of the first page of Genesis from the Gutenberg Bible. He artistically colored many of E.M. Lilien’s line art illustrations, created a font based on Buber's handwriting, and recently, he created a new logo for the Florida Orange City Unitarian Universalist Congregation and improved a logo for Applied Jewish Spirituality group. Meit likes to help repair the world through his art; enjoys deep thoughts, playing with puzzles, and learning about Religion. He currently lives in Plantation, Florida.


A Memory’s fire burns within me still, by Andrew Meit adapted from the Qinah, “Aish Tuqad b’Qirbi”

Contributed on: 28 Jul 2015 by Andrew Meit |

“A Memory’s fire burns within me still” was adapted by Andrew Meit from Gabriel Seed’s translation of the kinah, Aish Tukad b’kirbi (“A Fire Shall Burn Within Me”). . . .

Kiss of death: a prayer upon the death of a parent, by Andrew Meit

Contributed on: 01 Oct 2011 by Andrew Meit |

By Andrew Meit, written upon the death of his mother, Sonie Meit, the 28th of Sivan 5771 –כ״ח בְּסִיוָן תשע״א. . . .

Loss of what could be; but is – a prayer-poem in eulogy after a suicide, by Andrew Meit

Contributed on: 29 Oct 2016 by Andrew Meit |

This eulogy by Andrew Meit was read at Temple Beit Ami in Rockville, Maryland at the funeral of Benjamin Meit. Andrew writes, “Ben would have turned 19 next week. He died from complications from depression and mental illness.” Donations in Ben’s memory may be made here. If you or anyone you know is in need of help, please call 911, or 1-800 273 8255, the national suicide prevention hotline. . . .

Prayer on Kneading and Baking Ḥallot for Shabbat, by Perle Derbaremdiger Peretz (fl. 18th c.)

Contributed on: 15 Nov 2018 by Aharon N. Varady (editing/transcription) | Andrew Meit | Perle Derbaremdiger (Peretz) |

A prayer upon preparing ḥallot for Shabbat. . . .

שִׁוִּיתִי | Shiviti: perceiving the world as an expression of divine Oneness

Contributed on: 30 Jun 2011 by Aharon N. Varady | Andrew Meit |

Given that the Torah forbids impressing our imaginations with illustrations of the divine, some other method is necessary to perceive divine Oneness. One method is found in the verse in Psalms 16:8, “I have set YHVH before me at all times.” . . .

שִׁוִּיתִי | Shiviti by Mashiaḥ Asgari (ca. late 19th – early 20th c. Herat, Afghanistan)

Contributed on: 12 Jul 2011 by Andrew Meit | Mashiaḥ Asgari |

A digital reproduction of a Shiviti held in the Royal Library of Denmark’s Simonsen Manuscripts Collection. . . .