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Eliezer Meler (translation)

Eliezer Meler (1889-1967), Yiddish translator, poet and novelist, wrote under the pseudonum L. Miler. In 1940, he published what is to this day the fullest and most satisfactory translation of Whitman's verse and prose into Yiddish.


אָ, קאפּיטאן! מײַן קאפּיטאן!‏ | O Captain! My Captain!, an elegy for President Abraham Lincoln by Walt Whitman (1865), Yiddish translation by Eliezer Meler (1940)

Contributed on: 11 Feb 2020 by Aharon N. Varady (editing/transcription) | Eliezer Meler (translation) | Walt Whitman |

Walt Whitman’s famous poem eulogizing President Abraham Lincoln after his assassination, in English with Yiddish translation. . . .