Marcus Jastrow (translation)

Marcus Jastrow (June 5, 1829, Rogoźno – October 13, 1903) was a Polish-born American Talmudic scholar, most famously known for his authorship of the popular and comprehensive A Dictionary of the Targumim, Talmud Babli, Talmud Yerushalmi and Midrashic Literature. He was also a progressive, early reformist rabbi in America. Along with Benjamin Szold and Frederick de Sola Mendes, Marcus Jastrow was characterized by Jewish historian Jacob Rader Marcus as being on the right-wing of early American Reform. His translation of Rabbi Benjamin Szold's prayerbook into English offered a more traditional alternative to the Minhag America prayerbook of Isaac M. Wise. He opposed the 1885 Pittsburgh Platform, but consented for an organ to be installed in his Rodeph Shalom synagogue in Philadelphia.