Shem-Tov ben Isaac Shaprut of Tudela (שם טוב אבן שפרוט‎, born at Tudela in the middle of the 14th century) was a Spanish Jewish philosopher, physician, and polemicist. While still a young man he was compelled to debate in public, on original sin and redemption, with Cardinal Pedro de Luna, afterward Antipope Benedict XIII. This disputation took place in Pamplona, December 26, 1375, in the presence of bishops and learned theologians (as recorded in his polemical work, "Even Boḥan"). A devastating war which raged in Navarre between the Castilians and the English obliged Ibn Shaprut, with many others, to leave the country. He settled at Tarazona, in Aragon, where he practiced his profession of physician among both Jews and Christians.