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Ẓvi Hirsch Sommerhausen

Tzvi Hirsch (Hartog) Sommerhausen (צבי הירש זומרהויזן, 22 October 1781 – 5 March 1853) was a German-born Dutch Jewish writer, poet, and translator. He was a central figure of the Haskalah movement in Holland.


📖 הַגָּדָה לְלֵיל שִׁכּוֹרִים | Haggadah l’Leil Shikkorim, a Purim parody of the haggadah for the Passover seder by Ẓvi Hirsch Sommerhausen (1842)

Contributed on: 04 Mar 2024 by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer (transcription & naqdanut) | Isaac Gantwerk Mayer (translation) | Ẓvi Hirsch Sommerhausen |

First written and published in Hamburg in 1842 by Tzvi Hirsch Sommerhausen (1781-1853), the Haggadah l’Leil Shikkorim is a parody of the familiar segments of the Haggadah, but for Purim instead of Pesaḥ. According to Israel Davidson’s “Parody in Jewish Literature,” (1907) Sommerhausen’s work was published in six editions, including one with a Judeo-Arabic sharḥ. (If anyone has a link to that, please send it to me!) Anyway, this edition is fully vocalized and translated into English, for your Purim enjoyment. . . .

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