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Maimon Fraenkel

Maimon Fraenkel (pseudonym: Maimon Fredau; March 28, 1788 - May 27, 1848) was a Jewish educator, founder of a school for Jewish learning, and an early advocate of Reform Judaism in Hamburg.


📖 Allgemeines Israelitisches Gesangbuch eingeführt in dem Neuen Israelitschen Tempel zu Hamburg (1833)

Contributed on: 03 Aug 2022 by Maimon Fraenkel | Immanuel Wohlwill | Gotthold Salomon |

This is the Hamburg Temple Hymnal in its original 1833 edition, alternately titled, Allgemeines Israelitisches Gesangbüch fur Gotteshaüser und Schulen, compiled by Maimon Fraenkel, Gotthold Salomon, and Immanuel Wohlwill. . . .

Erhöre, Herr, mein Wort | Accept, O Lord my word — from the Hamburg Temple Hymnal (1833)

Contributed on: 28 May 2023 by Aharon N. Varady (transcription) | James Koppel Gutheim | Gotthold Salomon | Immanuel Wohlwill | Maimon Fraenkel | Unknown Author(s) |

“Erhöre, Herr, mein Wort” is a hymn selected by Rabbi Gotthold Salomon, Immanuel Wohlwill, and Maimon Fraenkel for inclusion in the Hamburg Temple Hymnal (1833), hymn №300, pp. 367-368. The first three stanzas were translated by Rabbi James Koppel Gutheim and published as “Erhebung zu Gott! (Trust in God)” in his Hymns, for Divine Service in the Temple Emanu-El (1871) as hymn №2, pp. 4-5. . . .

בסיעתא דארעא