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Morrison David Bial

Born in New York in 1917, Morrison David Bial studied at Princeton Theological Seminary, served as a chaplain at Mitchell Field during World War II, and was ordained from the Jewish Institute of Religion in 1945. Bial spoke from pulpits in the United States as well as in Dublin, Glasgow, and London. He led a number of tours to Israel, and published thirteen books, including The Rabbi’s Bible: Torah and The Rabbi’s Bible: Prophets (began in 1966, co-authored with Solomon Simon), Liberal Judaism at Home: the Practices of Modern Reform Judaism (1971), and Your Jewish Child (1978). Bial spent over thirty years serving Temple Sinai in Summit, New Jersey, from 1953 until he became Rabbi Emeritus in 1985. From 1985–1995, Bial joined Temple Beth Shalom in Ocala, Florida, revitalizing its interfaith movement, and served as Rabbi Emeritus until his death in 2004.

An Offering of Prayer: Prayers and Meditations — Private and Public, compiled by Rabbi Morrison David Bial (1962)

Contributed on: 22 Jun 2020 by Morrison David Bial |

A collection of public, pulpit prayers, ceremonial, and other prayers to supplement the Siddur. . . .

Ὑμνεῖν με δεῖ τὸν θεόν | “I Must Praise God,” excerpted from the Discourses of Epictetus by Rabbi Morrison David Bial

Contributed on: 23 Jun 2020 by Aharon N. Varady (transcription) | Morrison David Bial | Epictetus the Stoic |

A short discourse on the necessity for prayer by the Stoic philosopher, Epictetus. . . .

Man Is Here for the Sake of Others, by Albert Einstein (1930) as excerpted by Rabbi Morrison David Bial

Contributed on: 12 Feb 2019 by Aharon N. Varady (transcription) | Morrison David Bial | Albert Einstein |

An excerpt of an 1930 essay by Albert Einstein set as a prayer supplement by Rabbi Morrison David Bial in 1962. . . .

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